• Blanchard GrindingGrinding

  • Blanchard grinding of plates up to 2130mm diagonal and 900mm height

  • Surface grinding up to 1700x650x230mm

Due to our high stock of steel plates we can supply your needs for machined plates quickly and cost effectively. These can be supplied with gas cut edges or machined edges according to your needs.



  • MDL MachiningCNC Machining

We have a CNC Machining Centre for plates up to 2500x1500mm equipped with the latest generation tools and measuring equipment to guarantee the usual MDL high quality standards.

The MDL Group has over four decades of experience in machining plates of any size or complexity so assuring you of the quality and timely delivery of the finished product.


Understanding the types of machining available

Blanchard Grinding

An MDL key competence, the Blanchard grinders are characterized by their capacity to remove large quantities of material in a uniform manner. A rotating circular magnetic table supports and holds the plate to be ground. while the vertical axle of the grinder, perpendicular to the surface of the magnetic table, rotates in the opposite direction. For large and small plates there is no faster grinding process. Flatness tolerances of 0.008/100 mm and parallelism tolerances of 0.01/100 mm can typically be achieved with this process.

Surface Grinding

Utilized when a smoother “mirror” like finish is required. The tangential milling machine trades speed for precision. A static magnetic table holds the plate while the movement of the tangent of the grinding stone makes continuous contact with the part until the whole plate has been machined.