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MDL Die Sets, Components and Compression Springs have been supplied to the metal stamping industry for more than 40 years, always manufactured to the highest standards of quality, committed lead times and customer service to the ultimate satisfaction of our customers.

MDL can supply die set needs in different ways. Standard die sets, as shown in our catalogue, are in stock and ready for assembly and dispatch within 2 working days. We hold a large stock of die plates and guiding components ready for assembly according to our customer’s requirements.

The second option is “customised die set” made to your own specifications and measurements. We have the ability and equipment to make die sets of practically any size or complexity according to your requirements. (taped hole, mounting screw holes, slug hole, socket head screw, counter bore /recesses, ramps, pillar and bush bore, clamping pockets etc)

Download MDL die set catalogue Click here to download our die set catalogue

Understanding the importance of using quality components and accessories

MDL-Die-Set-Manufacturing-IndiaThe secret to extend the life of a die set, reduce maintenance, maintain high operating precision and interchangeability is to use high quality guiding components. It is the components that neutralize any alignment imperfections of the press and the stresses and strains of cutting or bending steel. This also applies when stamping very thin material and any imperfection results in parts which are produced not according to specification.

Using MDL die sets, components and accessories, you can be assured that your die set will work in the way it was designed to do. It will have a long life and avoid the head aches, high maintenance costs and down time associated with poor alignment of the press.