MDL Compression Springs

Molas de compressão MDL

MDL produces over 400 different springs in varying lengths, diameters and load capacities.

All the springs are manufactured according to the ISO 10243 standards, from chrome silicon steel so they can support high loads and have great durability.

For ease of identification, the springs are produced in different colours according to their load capacities i.e. light loads (green), medium loads (blue), heavy loads (red) and extra heavy loads (yellow).

MDL India holds ample stock to quickly satisfy your requirements, be they for use in stamping tools, machine building or whatever your requirements are for compression springs of proven quality.

When used correctly, MDL springs will provide you with a long life free from any maintenance requirements. This is in contrast to gas springs which require constant attention and maintenance and represent a potential danger when handled by under qualified operators.

Download MDL compression springs catalogue Click here to download our compression springs catalogue

Download MDL compression springs catalogueHow to use a Compression Spring correctly

Be sure to always maintain a pre-load equivalent to 20% of the operating travel distance. This will avoid any vibration during operation that could damage the spring and the mounting parts.

Never compress a spring until the spirals touch each other (solid state). This will drastically reduce the life of the spring and renders it useless.

Avoid using springs in an environment where the temperature is likely to exceed 125°C.